A New Appreciation for Beer

06 Belgium Best (48)

Until a few years ago, beer to me was something that came in a can and you drank it at sporting events. I’ll be the first to admit I had a very limited exposure to this beverage category and hadn’t tried to broaden my horizons.

Then I was invited to work on some products in Belgium and when I travel I always defer to the locals to learn about local favorites to eat and drink. We drank lots of different beers – many of them only available in those areas and my opinion totally changed. I’m so excited that Pom Beer is now available in the US!


Dallas has become a real destination for beer lovers, and some of the local breweries are brewing some new varieties that will make you a believer. Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Eno’s Pizza Tavern with some of my favorite food and beverage experts, and they inspired me to spend some more time on the Drink Diva sites and social media. While we were brainstorming we grazed through their menu and beer selections, and enjoyed a tequila shot that I sipped to celebrate the start of Summer.

We all tried a different draught, and I’m crazy about Peticolas Velvet Hammer. It’s a seasonal draught that was described as “9% red ale, caramel, brown sugar and floral notes”. It was the perfect pairing with the Yard Pie pizza – a great choice for the vegetarians in our group as well as just a great Summer find.

Peticolas Brewing Company beers are available throughout the Dallas / Ft. Worth area – check out their website for more information or just join us at Eno’s in the Bishop Arts District and see what you think.


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